About the Xtreme Fat Tire Bike Team

Meet The Xtreme Fat Tire Bike Team

The Xtreme Fat Tire Bike Team has recently partnered with the Miss GEICO Racing Team. The newly formed team complements both the ingenuity of the Xtreme Fat Tire Bike Design with the renown safety and quality standards of Miss GEICO Boat Racing.

Together they look forward to establishing a market foothold on the unlimited sporting potential of electric bikes, compact folding bikes for the mariner industry as well as racing components for extreme bike racing.

Thomas Coghill Team Member Xtreme Fat Tire Bikes
Thomas E Coghill Sr., Managing Member:
Thomas E. Coghill, Sr. graduated from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC with a B.S. in Business Administration in 1954 and has owned and operated several diverse businesses. From 1965 to 1973, he was a stockbroker and investment advisor.In 1973, he formed his own commercial real estate company. He has been involved in the sale and/or ownership of almost $300 million dollars of successful rental apartment projects since that time. He has been involved in the ownership and development of revolutionary fat tire bicycles since 2008. Tom Coghill has ridden in or promoted charity bicycle rides and has personally raised in excess of $250,000 for various charities including diabetes, cancer, hospice services and leukemia and lymphoma.

During the Holiday Season of 2016, Mr. Coghill donated over $5000 in Fat Tire Children’s Bikes to a selected group of children with special needs. He continues his charity work through his innovative business investments along with his recent partnership with the Miss Geico Race Team.

Marc Granet Team Member
Marc Granet
Position: Partner / Driver Marc Granet, Driver, pilots Miss GEICO, the fastest offshore racing catamaran in the world and is an eight time World Champion. Like most offshore powerboat racers, he started in a v-bottom performance boat until a friend took him for a ride in a catamaran boat. “We hit about 90 mph and that was it for me and v-bottoms,” Granet recalled. Marc spent several years in the American Power Boat Association/Super Boat International racing circuit earning the respect of his competitors before Miss GEICO came calling in 2004. Soon, Granet found himself settled into the cockpit of Miss GEICO whose turbine engines cranked out 3700 horsepower and the boat reached speeds unheard of in the sport of offshore racing. With Miss GEICO, Granet and Throttleman, Scott Begovich, hold numerous speed records and world titles. In 2016 Granet and Begovich look forward to steering Miss GEICO to winning another National title in Clearwater and the coveted World Title in Key West. Competition from all over the world will be tough and Miss GEICO looks forward to the challenge.
Gary Stray Team Member
Gary Stray
Position: Partner / Crew Chief World renowned master rigger, Gary Stray, joined the Miss GEICO team in 2009 and made an immediate impact in helping guide the team to another convincing World Championship victory. Gary began his career in the racing business in Southampton, England in 1988 with Cougar Marine. In 1994 he signed on with the Victory Team of Dubai rising to the head of Research & Development and ten world titles later, he set up his own rigging company in the United States. Gary established Supercat Rigging, Inc. in 2001 and his boats have won multiple championships and set numerous speed records. He has also created some of the most prestigious pleasure craft in the world today such as Speed Racer, Batman, Mercedes, Ferrari and Corvette. Miss GEICO was in the right place and time to land Gary Stray. “Each year we have to continue to improve because our competitors are introducing newer lighter boats with greater horsepower in an effort to take away our World crown and we simply will not allow it to happen.”
Scott Colton Team Member
Scott Colton:
Partner / Managing Member Scott Colton is the Managing Member of the Miss GEICO Race Team. Scott is a Floridian and former All American swimmer. With his law and MBA degrees from the University of Florida, Scott brings over twenty five years of legal and business experience to the Miss GEICO Racing Team.Scott Colton has been involved with all the team’s affairs since the inception of Miss GEICO Racing and focuses his attention on the technical, legal, and financial side of the business making sure that all of the trucks, trailers, and fleet of boats are in compliance with federal, state, and local laws; scheduling and coordinating the movement of the equipment and people to the Boat Shows, Boat Races, Air Shows, and charitable events while handling the finances so that the employees, independent contractors, and sponsors remain pleased with Miss GEICO Racing. He also never fails to remind Marc and Scotty to be safe and careful while they are out on the race boat. “We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful sponsor in GEICO and we spend our time focusing on safety, professionalism, winning titles, and promoting our sponsor to the best of our abilities.”