Xtreme Fat Tire Bikes
Deerfield Beach, Florida

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Cruise the beaches like never before!

Xtreme Fat Tire Electric Bikes are an easy to ride, no-sweat method to commute around town, avoid traffic and parking hassles and explore our resort attractions.

The reasons are simple:

  • Xtreme Fat Tire Electric Bikes do not require any licensing.

  • Xtreme Fat Tire Electric Bikes allow you to ride on any terrain. From beaches to boardwalks, dirt roads, trails, cobblestone streets and even snow, our patented fat tire design provides a stable and comfortable ride.

  • With its Front Wheel Drive System, our e-Bike becomes All Wheel Drive able to ride through any obstacle, including stairs and rough inclines.

  • Xtreme Fat Tire Electric Bikes can take you further and faster when touring the countryside.

Announcing The Xtreme E-Bike Rental Program.

What better way to provide hotel guests with a method to tour your vacation destination than with our electric bicycle rental program.

Please review the attached affiliate program which allows you to share in the revenue.

As an extra amenity to offer your guests and generate additional revenue at the same time this program is a Win – Win for all!

Please contact us today to discuss. (757) 635-5160 or tommi@xtremefattirebikes.com

Our E-Bikes and Your Hotel or Resort …

We’re a Perfect Match!