Xtreme Fat Tire E-Bikes VS. Other Fat Tire E-Bikes

Xtreme Fat E-Bike

. Available in Both 750 and 1000 Watt

. Front Wheel Drive Motor
(Much Safer on Softer Terrain
plowing through soft sand, mud and snow)

. All Wheel Drive with Pedal Power

. Superior Braking System

(Avid BB5 Disc Brakes Front/Rear 180mm Rotors:
Better Stopping Power & Safety

. Superior Components

. Available in 3 Sizes
Small – 15″, Medium – 18″, Large – 21″

. Available in Matte Black or Camo

(Only Camo E-Bike Available)

Other Fat E-Bikes

.  Only Available in 750 Watt or Less

. Rear Wheel Drive
(Can be Dangerous on Softer Terrain
digging front wheel in when turning)

. Limited to Rear Wheel Drive

. Inferior Breaking System

(160 mm Front Rotor / Low Quality Calipers:
Less Stopping Power; Less Safe)

. Cheaper Components

. Only One Size Available 
(Does One Size Really Fit All?)

. Only Available in One Style

xtreme e grizzly 750 watt 1000 watt electric e bike xtreme e cherokee front wheel electric bike


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